Full-Time and Part-Time Nanny

Before and After Care Nanny

Live-out Nanny*

Overnight Nanny (Sleep training)

Newborn Care Specialist

Temporary Nanny**

*We currently do not offer live-in nanny placements or occasional babysitting services.

**temporary nanny positions must have a consistent schedule for a maximum of two months.  


Additional Services:
Virtual Classes - Our virtual story time class is a great way for young children to learn and interact with other children around the world.

How We Secure Your Honest Care Nanny


Making sure your voice is heard and needs are met, is most important to us. Our intimate connection with you and your family, makes searching for your nanny as if we were searching for our own. Honest Care Nanny Agency understands that as parents you have a million things to worry about each day. Therefore, our detailed search process will make finding a nanny easy and worry-free.

Our Process

  1. Getting to know you and your family is the first order of business. Our specialist will gather information about your specific child care needs, as well as what you are and are not seeking in a nanny.
  2. Once we are certain of your position's specifics the search will begin.  (Searches are conducted in our group of screened Professional Nannies, as well as,  other platforms.)
  3. Each of our nannies go through several in-depth interviews to evaluate professional experience, personality, and interests.
  4. We always perform extensive county and multi-state criminal background checks for each qualified nanny.
  5. Lastly, we conduct personal and professional reference checks to confirm the honesty and integrity of each nanny.


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